Pastor Burgess

Our Pastor

Pastor BurgessRev. Joe Burgess, Pastor of FAC, has been a part of this church since the age of seven and has felt the call to remain at FAC and in the city of Carthage. In 1992, Rev. Joe Burgess married Sis. Robin Hair from Lake Charles, LA. They have one daughter, Brooklyn, and one son, Blake. It was made possible in August 2006 for Rev. Joe Burgess to succeed his father as pastor of this great congregation. This family’s greatest desire is to see FAC continue to go and grow from this point forward, reaching souls and being a beacon of truth to the people of Carthage.

The Burgess’ involvement here goes beyond their platform obligations on Sundays and Wednesdays. They are always excited to be a part of all age group activities and often help produce fun times for them all. The people of FAC are thankful and blessed to have another member of the Burgess family to continue the heritage they have cherished for years.